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新西兰论文代写: 市场营销

本文是一篇关于Marketing的文章,长城汽车进入新西兰市场已有多年,长城VX50 SUV的推出是未来发展的重要一步,因此,写手认为市场经理应考虑的一些重要因素,包括分段和长城VX50 2014的潜在目标细分,阿泰科长城采取的策略,基于定位图的定位方法,制定广泛的营销组合要素,涵盖产品决策,价格决策,促销决策和决策。(PS:本文仅截取部分内容供大家阅读)



Marketing approach of Great Wall VX50



With the increasing competition of the market, the quality of the decision making has become one of crucial factors for enterprises to survive and succeed in competitions.Great Wall has been entering New Zealand vehicle market for six years,and it almost doubles its total sales,ranking ninth now.

launched a great range of dual cab and single cab utes and a 4WD SUV in the New Zealand market. New Zealand now have the opportunity to experience these vehicles and enjoy the reliability that many others around the world have known for many years.
Therefore,With the rapid development of the social economy and more fierceness in the competition among enterprises,  how to rational face market under the new market make suitable becomes very important strategy. 
The launching of Great Wall VX50 SUV is an important step in future development,so it is very necessary to make right market approaches.

Furthermore, in this thesis, some important factors that a market manager should take into consideration, including the segmentation and Great Wall VX50 2014’s potential target segments, the strategies that Ateco Great Wall will adopt, the positioning approach which is based on a positioning map and development of a broad marketing mix Elemennts that covers product decisions, price decisions, promotion decisions and place decisions.



Segmentation bases are the dimensions that can be used to segment a market.

Customer markets can be segmented on the following customer characteristics:

l  Geographic segmentation

Marketers can segment based on geographic criteria, such as nations, states, regions, countries, locations, neighborhoods, and so on. The geo-cluster approach combines demographic data with geographic data to create a more accurate or specific profile(Weinstein, 2004).

Climate is one of the geographic variables. Located in the temperate zone the climate is coastal maritime to alpine, mild and equable with abundant sunshine, high rainfall and few extremes of heat and cold(Kirby, 2005).The magnificent landscape, lush forests, wild animals and strange pleasant climate make New Zealand an ideal outdoor venues and tourist sites. And New Zealanders are fond of various sports and outdoor activities.

l  Demographic segmentation:

Segmentation according to demography is according to variables such as age, gender, occupation and education level and so on. Demographic segmentation divides markets into different life stage groups and allows for messages to be tailored accordingly(Jim, 2011).

Gender is an distinct variable helping define the markets for certain products. Adecco Great Wall can manufacture different vehicles according to men and women’s preference. And VX50 2014 SUV’s major customer groups are men, also included women who prefer cross-country vehicle.

Ethic is also another variable that marketers use to segment their markets. According to the census report of New Zealand(2013), the ethic make up of population is various. Asian-born residents comprise one-fourth of the nation’s total foreign-born population. That is to say, the brand from Asian countries may be more attractive to them compared with other brands, especially the brands that has great influence among Asian countries, such as Ateco Great Wall.

l  Psychographic segmentation:

Psychographic segmentation is estimated by studying the activities, interests, and opinions (AIOs) of customers.

Personal characteristic refers to a person’s individual character habits, attitudes and traits. VX50 2014 SUV aims to the adventurous customers who hope to be able to exhibit their personal charm by driving a SUV. Those customers will prefer vehicles with large power and great off-road performance.

Lifestyle is the manner, showing how people live and spend their time and money. New Zealanders love all kinds of spot and outdoor activities, because of a country with plenty of space and a good climate,.VX50 2014 SUV will greatly Carteirs to the ones’ expectation who love nature and is keen on cross-country and exploration activities.

l  Behavioral segmentation:

Behavioral segmentation divides consumers into groups according to their knowledge of, attitude towards, usage rate, response, loyalty status, and readiness stage to a product.

Customers can be segmented on the basis of their loyalty status— customers who buy one brand all the time, customers who prefer two or three brands, customers who shift from one brand to another, and customers who have no loyalty to any brand. Ateco Great Wall may attempt to lure heavy users of another product away from their regular brands to try a new brand.

Customers can be distinguished based on the occasions when they purchase a product, use a product, or develop a need to use a product. Ateco Great Wall can divide the market into three primary categories: affordable, mid-range, and high-end. In this way, manufacturer can design a product for any customer.




There are two sets of customer profiles:











6k plus

4k plus

Geographic   characteristic






New Zealand

Psychographic   characteristic

Entertainment   preference


pop music, outdoor activities


undergraduate at 4 years university

undergraduate at 4 years university


Buying behavior

influences   decision of others often

trend setter

Behavior   characteristic

Habits & skill   set

likes singing and playing sports

likes climbing,   working out and engineering


Excellent   creditworthiness


Purchasing   process:

consider changing a new vehicle

interest in three   brands vehicle



Role of positioning is an important Elemennt of a marketing plan. Product positioning is the process marketers use to determine how to best communicate their products' attributes to their target customers based on customer needs, competitive pressures, available communication channels and carefully crafted key messages(Lamb, 2012). Effective product positioning ensures that marketing messages resonate with target consumers and compel them to take action(Richard, n.d.).

The role of positioning of Great Wall XV50 is: Great and Civilian.

When marketers position the brands should consider these factors:

1.Perspective of overall sedan market environment:

Marketers should focus on competitors’ positioning and the characteristic of the market channels, which will facilitate enterprises establish a right strategy(Lemke, 2000).

2.Customer demand:

Any product is manufactured for customers. So any brand positioning should be based on customers’ demand.

To be successful, the first step is to predict consumer perception of the brand, positioning in the idea, through a special way, that they could feel what you give out of the question to the rest of the customer value, this is called "competitive advantage”(Ries and Trout, 2000).




Positioning maps reflect where existing products and services are positioned in the market so that the firm can decide where they would like to place their product. 


Here is the positioning map of Great Wall VX50




Through above analysis, Great Wall VX50 is a vehicle with a roomy, flexible interior, bold styling and advanced off-road technology.

Its potential target market segmentations are those who is full of spirits of adventure and innovation with moderate salaries and has preference to cost-effective vehicles.

The positioning of Great Wall VX50 is great quality with low price. Ateco Great Wall's great quality helps it win good reputation, and its low price attracts many customer. The combination of high quality and low price will keep loyalty customers and attract many new customers. Besides, the sharing of media buying clout with another joint venture. Fiat Chrydsler New Zealand will help Ateco Great Wall widen its advertising and marketing presence in a very competitive market place. Adopting exclusive distribution will build a more efficient distribution.

If this marketing approach is implemented successfully, Great Wall VX50 will gain good sales revenue and win good reputation. What’s more, it will help Ateco Great build a solid reputation for reliable and safety in New Zealand.


























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