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The main of the essay is horror story. It is said that horror story means entertains or fascinates by shocking or frightening, especially by an emphasis on bloodshed or supermatural forces.(Mike. B, 2003) This essay will be written in 3 parts. Firstly, the screenplay of Twilight will be introduced. And it will summarize the whole movie’s main point. Bella Swan removed to Arizon when she was 16 years old. And she met the vampire Edward. In no time, they fall in love. Secondly, the opening of novel was made. The novel is created according to the Twilight. The vampire James is loving with the human girl Alice. But James always restrains himself not to close to Alice. At the same time, the rival also happen. How could the couple solve this problem? And the last part is the opening to a graphic novel. Some graph were inserted and the topic is that a common girl Claudia found she is a vampire. Via this part, the life of vampire girl Claudia will be introduced. How could she make a live?



The Screenplay of Twilight

The Forks Town, which a rainy and gloomy place, located in Washington State. The senior school student Bella in Phoenix High School always is different from others. She is simpler than students around her. And she is unknown to public and not attract people. Bella stays with her father Charlies because her mother married again. Charlies lives in the Forks Town around Watsonting State. (Murry, 2008) After she removed in the place, she though it has not any change to her.


But one day she met a beautiful youth Edward Cullen who is mysterious and frosty. Until she met the 17-year-old beauty of mysterious boy Edward Cullen, Bella always believes that she will end up living dull and common. Edward is different from other youths. Edward who owns the charm of blue eyes and snow-white skin is endowed with unwarily wisdom and unusual disposition. Bella do not know what special of Edward, but Bella is unable to resist to close to Edward. And the sweetly girl Bella also has been loved by Edward.



The Opening of a Novel

In this part, the novel will be made. And it is summarized that vampire James met the girl Alice. And James loved in her deeply. Next, they overcame many troubles and got married. In no time, they birthed their child Athena. Because Athena was called “disaster”, so James had to corporate with vampire Hunnter to confront their enemy.

The vampire James lives in the world and he always is alone. No family, no friends, no lover. But one day the human girl Alice suddenly into his life. James was attracted by the gentle and passionate girl. James rescue Alice who full off cliffs when they are in summer camp. At that time. Alice found James’s secret. He is a vampire. But he is a vegetarian. He never suck human blood and never kill one person. With the deepening of relation between James and Alice, Alice knew that she fell in love with the vampire. At the same time, Alice’s blood is invaluable treasure to James. When James close to Alice, he could not resist to his expire. On the 20-year-old birthday party of Alice, she injured her figure accidently, the flowing blood turned on James’s desire. On the party, James made disorder nearly. After the accident, James decided to leave his true love.



The opening to a graphic novel

Witter. M. A & Rice. A (2012) draw the following graphs. The girl Claudia, who was a little girl, lived with his father. One day, when she turned on her eyes, she found her father was sucking human’s blood. Suddenly, the situation drove her vampire instinct. At that time, she realized that she is a vampire. At the first, she tried her best to restrain herself not to suck human’s blood. But unfortunately, she could not win herself. Then, at the last time, she decided to follow her instinct.  Then she knows what is vampire. Vampire is a mythical being who can live depending on sucking livings’ blood. And they will young forever and low temperature. It is called that cold-blood creatures. (Maria.M, 2013) Except, their rival is werewolf. In any centuries, wars between vampire and werewolf have never stopped. M.E (2014) introduced that werewolf the combination people and wolf.


Each Saturday she was followed by her father to find “food”. So, that time her father and her focus on the master of the house. They hide behind the cabinet. And when the master enter into the room, one will capture the master, another one will suck the blood. Everything is under the control. They success to capture the master and suck his blood. Which a good night it is!




It is concluded that over half a century, America people believe these horror things like ghost, vampire and so on. Although they are different from the origins, they know that many of them came from religious. (Russell L.W, 2002) Then people are very interested in the mysterious stories. About horror story, it is thought that vampire, zombie, werewolf and so on. Brook. M (2013) said that Moncsters can kill people’s body, but living dead could threaten the entire human race. The first part states the romantic story between vampire and human. There were many troubles in their lives, but they all overcame difficulties. The second part is the opening of the novel. It is also explicated the love affair between vampire and people. Besides, the third part is the opening of graphic novel. The little girl Claudia became to vampire. And how could she goes on her life? Horror story has already became the tradition of people. People like listening to these mysterious stories, and they are also willing to create these stories. Now, these stories have become essential part of people’s life. The gothic horror is defined as a type of life attitude.





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